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5minute walk to Hakuba Norikura Ski Resort!

5minute drive to Cortina and Tsugaike Ski Resort!

Hakuba area outstanding nature of the snow!

It is Snow trip to the Otari area excellent at nature of the snow!

Staying base rate

1 night

Men's and women's dormitory



Private room A

(1 person - 2 people)








 1 week

1 month

Private room B

(2 people - 4 people)

*The 2nd person is ¥13,000

*The after 2nd person is ¥11,000

*The after 2nd person is ¥22,000

*The 2nd person is ¥30,000

  • As for (from November 1 to March 31), 500 yen a night increases as heating costs during a period for the winter season per person.

  • As for the private room single charge, 1,000 yen increases.*In the case of long-term staying more than one week, it does not cost the charge charges.

  • High season (December 20 - January 5) will be 500 yen plus.



Private room A

Private room B

Reception desk



Bulletin board


Shower/Kitchen/Seasoning/Internet/Washing machine/etc...

Lift tickets discount

Hakuba Norikura CORTINA common lift ticket

Daily ticket










2day ticket




*kids 6-12 years old

Hakuba Norikura lift tickets




Daily ticket







2day ticket




*kids 6-12 years old

Early discount

Daily ticket,adult only

It is sold cash by January 20, the following day by opening




CORTINA lift tickets




Daily ticket




First ski of the season (From opening to December 19)

Spring ski (From March 23 to April 5)

Daily ticket







*kids 6-12 years old

  • Only a Cortina ticket sells cash at the accommodations.Please trade with a lift ticket at a box office.

  • The Norikura and Norikura Cortina common ticket is the cash purchase by oneself at the top, a box office with the discount coupon with a carved seal of the hotel.

Reggae bar BAGUS


The drink carry-on is NG

Draft beer


Awamori shimazake

from ¥300


from ¥300

and more...


The food carry-on is OK

Okinawa soba


Okinawa juicy


Original jerk chicken



 from ¥300

and more...

*There is a holiday irregularly because it's operation by itself.


MORIONOIE Hakuba shop

12856-201, Chikuniotsu, Otari-mura Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano, 399-9422, Japan


  • It is approximately 4 hours 20 minutes from the Kanto area

  • It is approximately 3 hours 40 minutes from the Nakagyo area

  • It is approximately 5 hours 40 minutes from the Kansai area

  • It is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes from the Hokuriku area


  • From Tokyo Station

It is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes Nagano Shinkansen "Asama" (Tokyo - Nagano).

Transfer at Nagano Station.

Nonstop bus (Nagano Station - Hakuba Norikura Station) approximately 1 hour 10 minutes.

Taxi or Village bus at a Warabidaira bus stop (approximately 10 minutes).

A 1-minute walk.


  • From Shinjuku Station

Azusa, super Azusa (Shinjuku - Hakuba) approximately 4 hours 07 minutes (transfer for Matsumoto).

Change to Oito Line (Matsumoto - Minami Otari).

Taxi or Village bus at a Warabidaira bus stop (approximately 10 minutes).

A 1-minute walk.

* "Azusa" from Shinjuku Station is Minami Otari direct communication at 7:30 a.m.

*There are the through trains from Shinjuku to Hakuba Station on the weekend, too. In the case of direct communication, it is approximately 3 hours 30 minutes.


Use an express bus (Shinjuku - Hakuba) from Shinjuku.

It is approximately 4 hours 50 minutes to a Hakuba.

Change to Oito Line, and Minami Otari gets off.

Taxi or Village bus at a Warabidaira bus stop.

A 1-minute walk.

I accept the pickup to the nearest station. Please talk once.


It is all a required item.

Tell me about the number of people, sex, the type of the room, the date to stay on the occasion of a reservation.

The telephone is 0261-82-2555(+81 261 82 2555)

The dispatch to 090-2751-5569(+81 90 2751 5569)

It is until from 8:00 to 20:00 and would like the inquiry over the telephone.

*Please refrain from the inquiries of the telephone on account of the break for from 14:00 to 16:00.

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ゲストハウス もりおの家 白馬店


TEL : 0261-82-2555
携帯 : 090-2751-5569

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